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Why Cimplx™

Trusted by employers nationwide, Cimplx’s enterprise-grade suite of cloud-based Affordable Care Act (ACA) reporting and compliance solutions make ACA filing and compliance requirements worry-free and painless.

How Cimplx Helps Employers

Remove the fear of penalties by controlling risk
Reduce administrative costs
Correctly file the required IRS tax forms on time
Accurately determine your IRS codes
Maintain real-time compliance over employee data

Cimplx ACA Solutions

Cimplx’s industry leading suite of cloud-based ACA solutions deliver the reporting and filing services that employers need, as well as added real-time risk assessment to help assure compliance.dkfmvkdfmvdkfmvkdfmvk;dfmvkmdfkvmdkfmvkdfmvd

Cimplx ACA Webinars

Join the Cimplx ACA experts as they deliver educational webinars that will help you understand the key ACA challenges. Designed to give you the right foundation to raise your awareness and to help you be prepared for the 2016 filing season.

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Speak with a trusted Cimplx ACA Advisor now!  We can answer all of your ACA questions, help determine your individual requirements and recommend the best Cimplx ACA solution to meet your needs.dkfvkdfmvdkfmvkdfmvk;dfmvk


Cimplx has been outstanding from the very first contact all the way through the set up process. Their courtesy, knowledge and professionalism have reassured me every step of the way. I am looking forward to working with them and achieving great results.
Total HR
Holly Stone / Benefits Compliance Specialist
Cimplx has been a life saver for our companies! As a staffing company, employees are starting and ending and starting again, so tracking healthcare for each person can be stressful. Cimplx completely took the stress away and gave us a sense of peace knowing that we were following the letter of the ACA laws and making sure that we offered healthcare to 100% of our eligible employees in a timely manner.
Michigan Staffing, Personnel Unlimited Squared, Aspen Search Group
Eva Welsher / Sr. Financial Officer
I used Cimplx’s ACA Reporting in 2015 and found the solution was simple to learn and use. The support staff was exceptional. They are ACA experts and were always responsive and patient, which helped make everything go smoothly. The new product enhancements will make our job even that much easier. We look forward to using Cimplx ACA Reporting this year and in the future, to confidently meet ACA compliance requirements.
Casey Lytle / Senior HRIS Analyst
The people at Cimplx are very helpful and knowledgeable about even the most unique situations pertaining to the new ACA reporting requirements. They are always available to assist with your questions and provide quick responses. The client support team walks you through the whole process, explains what certain questions mean and why the information is needed on the forms so you will know how to correctly answer the complicated questions.
CB Service, Inc.
CC Harvey
The herculean effort you all performed for us at Schnitzer Steel Industries to get our forms mailed did not go unnoticed. Your early morning and late night working sessions show your incredible dedication to doing right by your clients. We simply want to send our appreciation. Thank you!
Schnitzer Steel Industries, Inc.
We are very pleased with our choice of Cimplx. We were amazed at how quickly they always responded to any questions that we had. We appreciated them being there when we needed to find a solution.
Simon G. / President
My dealings with Cimplx have been nothing but professional. These folks really know their stuff which has been valuable to me during this new Health Care Reform era. Several of my groups are utilizing their services.
Wells Insurance
John B. / Account Representative
Cimplx lets you know where you stand, at all times, regarding penalties so there are no surprises and reporting to the IRS was very simple. By using Cimplx, I could save on resource costs because we did not need to add extra staff just to handle the ACA compliance piece. I highly recommend using Cimplx as your ACA software.
Michigan Staffing, Personnel Unlimited Squared, Aspen Search Group
Eva Welsher / Sr. Financial Officer
The Account Executive that works with the District has been there every step of the way answering questions in a very timely manner. Whenever I need further explanation, she took the time to make sure I understood the process and went above and beyond to assist me in whatever my request may be. As this reporting is all very new to everyone, Cimplx really helped me understand the process better while ensuring that my information is being reported correctly.
Tonawanda City School District
C. Donaldson
Our company of slightly over 1000 employees needed a software partner that was well versed in the data collection efforts that would be needed to accomplish this task for the 2015 reporting year and selected Cimplx because of their cost-effective platform. Their professional staff was able to answer our repeated calls for ACA coding assistance and allowed for our department to learn which safe harbors applied to our companies. It was also important to have a reliable source who could handle the IRS electronic reporting as well as take care of the employee mailing.
Pharr Yarns
G. Peeler
Clearly, we are very pleased with Cimplx’s expertise, service, and affordability. Our team can sleep better at night knowing that both our business and our employees are in great hands. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Cimplx for many years, and so I support them with my highest and strongest recommendations
Placements Unlimited, Inc.
Joshua F. / Vice President
I’ve had the opportunity to work with Cimplx on several occasions. Their Platform is just amazing! Not only the platform but the people at Cimplx are just as amazing. If you are confused by ACA, aren’t sure you are compliant with your current solution, or are in need of one there is no reason to look any further than Cimplx ACA!
Jay T.

ACA Filing Deadlines 2018

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) requires all U.S. employers with at least 50 full-time employees, including full-time equivalents, to file extensive reporting with the IRS on time or be subject to penalties for failure to comply.

February 28
IRS Paper Filing

January 31st
Employee Mailings
April 2nd
IRS Electronic Filing