Cimplx ACA is the new name of TRAX ACA Compliance Software

(Charlotte, NC) — TRAX, a national leader of highly intuitive ACA compliance software and solutions for
employers, is rebranding, in name only, from TRAX to “Cimplx ACA, Compliance Action Center.

ACA Compliance Services, Inc. successfully launched their highly acclaimed ACA compliance software,
TRAX, in 2014. While the name gained national credibility across many industries, nationally recognizable
companies, and the vast majority of the top 25 health brokers in the U.S., the Company felt that there was
an opportunity to better define the Company’s position in the market and the uniqueness and
effectiveness of both their marketing efforts and creative software solutions.

Cimplx ACA’s Compliance Action Center remains a cloud based guided work flow solution for
employers, payroll companies, and benefits administrators concerned with ACA compliance. Compliance
Action Center is an easy to use plug and play application, perfect for existing HRIS and payroll systems
where the client wishes to maintain control of their own risk.

The name Cimplx was created by combining the words complex and simple which is consistent with the
company’s strategy. ”The name Cimplx ACA helps us more effectively achieve our marketing objectives
in educating the savvy business consumer” said Jonathan Ferguson, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer.
Cimplx ACA better defines our process, which is to provide compliance software to employers that
simplifies the complexity of the healthcare law.”

Along with Compliance Action Center, Cimplx ACA will also formally introduce 2 additional products:

  • a stand-alone, client driven, web-based reporting only tool that helps employers with
    less risk and other methods of risk management to complete and fulfill the 6055 and 6056
    reporting requirements. This product is officially set to be open for business in the next few
  • Cimplx ACA Consulting: a division of the company that consults on special projects for
    companies, both large and small, including risk analysis for companies dealing with Mergers and
    Acquisitions, or simply understanding their responsibilities with the employer mandate

ACA Compliance Services, Inc. is a specialized technology and analytics firm focused in the area of the
Affordable Care Act’s Employer Mandate. Their suite of products are widely used by employers with 50 or
more employees and distributed most often by Insurance Brokers, Third-Party Administrators, Payroll
Service Firms, PEOs and other HR Technology installations. The Cimplx ACA suite of products
integrates with other systems and technology making it a fit for almost any company concerned with ACA